The Turning

“The world as we have created it is a result of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

– Albert Einstein.

The new science proves Einstein was right! And there’s no question that change is essential. But changing our thinking to change the world is a huge job. How do we begin this monumental task?

I have a few suggested starting places (maybe you do too?) and I’ll offer them in future blog posts, because disregarding the necessity of thinking differently not only keeps us stuck, it limits or blocks joy. Those suggestions for transformation are slow processes though, taking perhaps decades or even centuries.

In the meantime, while the slower processes get underway, I suggest another unusual thought – using the power of joy, personally and collectively, as the fastest and most delightful way to transform. Think of it as a high-vibrational shortcut that leapfrogs plodding thought and debate, the chaotic breakdown of old ways and the wobbly learning curve of new ways. It does all this with instant unity, dissolution of fear, contagious upliftment and a frequency that is transformative in and of its self because unity consciousness is embedded in it. So joy turns things around as the following story illustrates.

When I was eleven, my family and I were aboard a 50 passenger freighter en route to Europe from Vancouver. Off Acapulco, the captain invited my siblings and me to the bridge for a tour. Being the youngest he gave me instructions to turn the ship’s wheel as far as I could to the right. So I did. Ever so slowly the huge ship began to circle completely around! That turning transformed what was happening on board as officers, crew and passengers alike went from chaos and panic to amazement and then delight. The captain had spontaneously flipped from responsibility to joyful play and with no purpose other than playfulness, something out of the ordinary occurred. That surprising turning around of the world that held us connected everyone on board, no matter their status, in awe and upliftment. It raised the frequency.

So here’s a new and different thought to try on – Joy can be the dynamic wheel that turns this human-potential ship around. Thinking in new science terms, it is powerful enough, its frequency high enough, to set a course for a new way and a new world where joy and its side effects are the outcome as well as the bottom line.

That’s what I’m signing on for and that’s what this website is all about. Please join in somehow, some way, if you too feel inclined to turn things around joyfully. Joy is more powerful when shared.

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