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Help create a global library of joy-isms. Contribute to a collection of joyful experiences caught briefly in words or images, submitted and shared for the sole purpose of increasing joy on the planet. (Photos on this site and the submissions below may be helpful examples.)

How to recognize true joy? You’ll know it by the burst of lightness coming from your heart in the present moment, uplifting but hard to catch and hold onto. Creativity can do it though. And playfulness. Both are encouraged and in the process you’re bound to discover more and more of what brings you joy.

Writings & Images of Joy

The sound of children on a playground, 

Springtime frogs at dusk croaking for mates…

Hummingbirds buzzing around a feeder… 

The smell of hot pizza…

– Liza Michaelson, USA

A flock of sandpipers in flight in sunlight
– Roberta Meilleur, Canada


Snorkeling in coral reefs!! 


Red Sunsets! 

Shooting stars!

– Liza Michaelson, USA

Sensory systems
seriously titillated
by a breeze
through the shimmying Aspens

Roberta Meilleur, Canada

Joyful harvest!

Samara, Cymru

Look into the eyes of a baby anything – and smile, smile, smile.

Jenny Jeffrey, Wales UK

Hearing the children practice their Christmas songs on their music instruments

Eating warm soup at the neighboring organic farm

Laughing in the car with the children

Buying Christmas calendar gifts for our one year old nephew

Dancing daily

Feeling the new world emerge

Kissing my children good night

Pam Gregory Astrology

Oracle girl

Your initiative!

Andrea, Denmark

Having a dog, who is a divine Soul.
hugging and kissing him….lots.

Julie Shannon, Australia

Blackbird singing in the rain.

Singing quietly with Nature.

Realising my dog is smiling at me.

Being really awake and present!

Margaret Koolman, UK

Dancing as soon as I hear the music play.
Moving simultaneously to multiple rhythms.
Laughing as I share the experience with others.
Oblivious to what others might think of me.
Energetic and energised!

-Rachel, UK

Photo: Roberta Meilleur
Photo: Roberta Meilleur
Photo: Roberta Meilleur

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